Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something Off My Chest

This has been eating at me for a while...
Remember when the Auto Execs went before Congress to tell them why they needed a big loan and they got lambasted for flying their Gulfstreams to DC. It would be my assumption that most members of Congress fly coach. I would be wrong! Congress members fly TAXPAYER FUNDED Gulfstreams and Boeing Business Jets. Of course these aircraft are "owned" by the Department of Defense for training pilots and Operational Support (e.g. time-sensitive travel). Most large corporations and/or governments reach a point when the executives' time becomes so valuable that the expense of corporate provided transportation is justified. Especially when the corporation can lease the aircraft and provide an alternate stream of income to the business.
I am not against Congress taking the DOD provided aircraft. It is better for the taxpayer to make good use of the Congress members time. It is also better for the economy to make good use of the auto execs time, not to mention all the jobs associated the Gulfstream lease and commercial aviation.
The hypocracy of Congress knows no bounds. I am sure their out rage will wane as they commute back and forth to their home districts in their TAXPAYER FUNDED (not just subsidized) Gulfstreams.

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Beth said...

It especially upsets me that, as they decry the loss of jobs, this "outrage" has cost thousands of jobs in the private aviation sector. A whole lot of average Americans depend on private aviation for their jobs -- in particular, our family. Most recently in our area, Starbucks fired their entire aviation department. Not to cut costs, but to look better. But, those 50 guys didn't have families or anything.