Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Press Conference

What did I hear tonight...that if you don't pass my budget now we are in dire circumstances...sounds all too familiar...if you don't pass the stimulus quickly the economy will crumble. The Dodd amendment is a perfect example of how/why Congress is not supposed to function rapidly. When Congress is artificially forced to "cram," even more wasteful spending results.

Dear Congress, please take your time before you spend my tax money. (The only way I do not go insane is that I envision that all my money is going to battle cattle methane production...a real way to get rid of greenhouse gases, not car emissions). I take my time before I spend money...I research the best value etc...What has every personal financial consultant since the beginning of time said is the best way to avoid debt that leads to bankruptcy, DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE AND AVOID COMPULSIVE PURCHASES!

On health care:
Before I can form an opinion I need more information on the source of the rising health care costs. If anyone knows please fill me in.
1. Are costs going up because the level of care is going up? Could I get the same "level" of care I did 10 years ago for the same price. E.g. 10 years ago when you daughter got stitches b/c of a cut on her face, she didn't also get an MRI to ensure there was no brain swelling. The technology and drugs available today are incredible...and guess what we expect everyone to get the latest care...it is not cheap to write the software, mine the titanium and pay upkeep on complex pieces of equipment.
2. Are costs going up b/c of increased litigation? Malpractice insurance costs increases are only a small piece of overall affect on costs...why do you think my daughter got the MRI, makes the doctors case stronger if there was litigation.
3. Are costs going up b/c we are offering care to more people? Anyone, Anyone can go to an emergency room and will not be turned down. Has anyone thought about that means non-taxpayers? So the costs of that expensive care for non-payers is spread to those who can pay. Guess what it is the way the free market economy "spreads the wealth." The market raises the price on those who can pay to pay for those who can't.
4. Are HMO and health care employees getting rich? Do they make more relative to what similar skill and position used to make?

I will be first to tell you that the system we have is bad. It is one where private individuals are forced to pay sticker price b/c they do not know the ins and outs and HMOs use their power to negotiate a fair market value. The health care system much like airlines works on a system of yield management. Health care is perishable in the sense that opportunity must meet with circumstance and health care management knows they must squeeze every drop they can to make ends meet. The system does need overhaul, BUT WE NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE CANADIAN SYSTEM AND/OR THE VETERANS/MILITARY SYSTEM! The rules focused approach concentrates on the system and not the patient...I know, I have gotten the t-shirt.

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