Monday, April 27, 2009

Term Limits

It is about time to establish term limits for Congress. I think an amendment to the Constitution is well overdue. There are several reasons I think term limits would be beneficial.
1. Personalities. The politics inside politics is ridiculous. Congressmen that have served 50 years become more of mobsters working inside the family than representatives working for the good of all families.
2. Spending. With the ability to continually be re-elected there is always reason to bring home the bacon. I theorize that Congressmen tend to concentrate on bringing home the bacon prior to election definitely sets them apart from any challengers. "Bob only says he loves Pennsylvania's with their God and guns, I proved it by getting $1Million in funding for our 3 airplane a day airport." Hard for the little guy to compete.
3. Let's legislators focus on writing laws not winning re-election campaigns.
4. Gets back to citizen legislators. Career legislators are affected by living in the political war zone. The echo chamber fills their heads with thoughts that they are better than everyone else and deserve special treatment. Their behavior is perfect example...Ted Stevens, Diane Fienstein, and the list goes on...

There are good reasons for no term limits, but I'm a fan of 8 years in the House and 12 in the Senate.